The Dusty Bucket List

It is cold outside today, the trees are nearly bare, and the house is silent but for the constant drone of the dishwasher. However, not so long ago, just a few short weeks ago really, it was as hot as it gets here in the Pacific North West, the house was full of boisterous children, the trees were lush with green leaves so dense the sky could hardly be seen from beneath them, and the sun seemed to barely set on one day before rising to start the next one. But such is the magic of summer, and of time really. They both seem as if they will last, forever. Yet neither does, and all too easily many of the things we say we are going to do “someday” never seem to come to pass.

That is, unless we decide to make them happen. Unfortunately, that is something that I have never excelled at. But I am great at dreaming up amazing adventures, making lists, and finding resource materials related to these imaginary adventures. However, the actual act of opening the front door and taking that crucial first step – of actually beginning something, tends to be horrendously difficult for me. Once started, all is well, but up until that point, it is like being on a ship without wind for her sails; endless possibilities and no way to get there.

However, life is short, and often uncertain.

So time to dust off that bucket list and start making some of those “some days” happen. It will come as no surprise to you that most of the items on my bucket list either involve books I want to read, or places I want to visit. However, not being so skilled at initiating activity, it took my husband evicting me, lovingly and perhaps even generously, from our home, to convince me to go and officially check off an item on this list.

Of course when I say he evicted, I do not literally mean that he kicked me out of the house, but rather, that he recognized the beginning signs of burn out and sent me off to go and take care of only myself. A challenge indeed for mother of four and a lifelong people pleaser. Choosing the destination was easy, convincing me to leave and go (alone) was a little bit harder. Nevertheless, with the destination chosen and a date selected, the trip soon began to gather it’s own momentum. And so it is that I found myself on one of the last days of summer vacation boarding a ferry and heading out to see the University of Washington’s Suzzallo Library.


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