Free Comic Book Day

Free Comic Book DayThe Comic, defined as a series of pictures to convey a story, has been around since roughly the 17th century and like most printed mediums has its roots in politics and religion. However, it wasn’t until the later half of the 19th century that they began to evolve into the more modern form with text balloons, and side scrolling panels.

In 1938 the actual first comic book hit the news stand and forever changed reading for children (and adults) the world over. Today, comics are printed in every language, in every genre, and on almost every topic imaginable. Love them or hate them, they are here to stay!

Every year since 2002 on the first Saturday in May, the North American Comic Book industry welcomes readers new and old to participate in Free Comic Book Day. Special comic books in a variety of genres that will appeal to both new and regular readers alike will be available at independent comic book stores and libraries all over the world.

So whether you are a regular comic book fan or you haven’t peeked inside a comic book since you were a child, Saturday May 2nd is your opportunity to score some free comic books, meet some interesting people, and try something fun.

To find a participating store near you check out the Free Comic Book Day web site at Be sure to check individual stores for details, including extended hours, guest appearances, costume contests and of course, lots comic books.

Incidentally, this year Free Comic Book Day also coincides with Independent Bookstore Day, which you can find more information about at


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