Book Larder

From Ada’s Technical Books and Café, we continued our celebration of Independent Bookstore Day 2016 by popping over to the Book Larder, a community cookbook store in the Fremont area of Seattle. Obviously, this store specializes in cookbooks, but also has regular cooking classes, author signings, and demonstrations. It was a must see for our little budding chef, one of the major reasons for literally dragging my husband and son out of Ada’s Technical Books and Café despite their protests. The Book Larder, was brimming with people enjoying the end of one of the numerous cooking demonstrations scheduled throughout the day.

Our little chef was on the hunt for something pretty specific on this particular day, a book focusing solely on egg and spring rolls recipes. Despite the huge selection of cookbooks, and the generous help of one of the staff, she wasn’t able to find what she was looking for, and because this child is rather, lets be nice and call it single minded, she was not interested in any of the hundreds of other exotic, domestic, or even local cookbooks available. Our leaving without a book or two, in this case had more to do with the focus of our chef rather than any fault of the store. The staff was knowledgeable and friendly and had no problem whatsoever focusing on the young cook doing the shopping rather than on the parent accompanying her, as often happens when one brings a child into a traditionally adult space. This stood out to me more than anything else in this store.



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