Fantagraphics Bookstore & Gallery

We began Independent Bookstore Day 2016 with a stop at Fantagraphics Bookstore & Gallery, a small store, in a funky little section of Seattle known as Georgetown, that sits next to a café (naturally) and a glass blowing studio/school, and across the street from an indoor beach. (I have already made a mental note to find out what exactly constitutes an indoor beach.) It also shares a space with Georgetown Records (specializing in vinyl). However, it should be mentioned, that Fatagraphics is not just a bookstore, it is first and foremost a critically acclaimed publisher of comics and graphic novels. As such it comes as not surprise that their storefront specializes in selling graphic novels, comics and art collections, a large number of which were not quite age appropriate for a large portion of our group. As a result, were not able to stay quite as long as we may have had we had an older viewing audience. Cozy and funky the store is full of character and characters, whom you can just tell all have an interesting tale or two to tell.

As we were getting back into the car, we were literally buzzed by two low flying f-22s and then a few seconds later by a third. I am not sure where they were going, or if it was for business or pleasure but they were a truly awesome sight to be held, and definitely added to the atmosphere of excitement and adventure for our little party of explorers.



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