Independent Bookstore Day 2016

In a place like Seattle, where one is literally spoiled for choice when it comes to independent bookstores, participating in Independent Bookstore Day 2016 is a bit like a cross between a road trip and a scavenger hunt. In fact, this year 17 stores, in 21 different locations, participated. However, given that we were going to be doing this with a party of 7 (my husband and myself, our 4 children, ages 6, 8, 11 and 14, and my mother who was recovering form major surgery) we decided to shorten our number of stops to an ambitious 6. Even given the abbreviated list, I figured the odds of success were about 50/50 in actually making it to all 6, and perhaps even less for making it to all 6 locations and still have everyone speaking to each other. Yet, despite these relatively low odds for success, the day was an overwhelming success, thanks to a judicious use of technology, both for entertainment and for navigation, an early-fostered love of books, and the occasional rotation of seating.

The Proposed itinerary:

  1. Fantagraphics Bookstore & Gallery
  2. Seattle Mystery Bookshop
  3. Island Books
  4. Ada’s Technical Books and Café
  5. The Book Larder
  6. University Bookstore

A good time was had by all, and we are all looking forward to next year’s Independent Bookstore Day (2017), where once again we will pick a few new stores to investigate and a few favorites to revisit.



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