No Dearth of Books

No Dearth of Books, in Gig Harbor, Washington

From the moment you climb the porch steps No Dearth of Books, in downtown Gig Harbor, Washington, feels more like a private library than a bookstore. Not some leather-bound, formal, or worse yet “for display purposes only” private library, but rather the private library of a favorite well-read (and more than likely well-travelled) aunt and uncle.


The feeling is warm and homey and the book selections are as eclectic as they are diverse. While the store’s emphasis is on Nautical and Pacific Northwest titles, there is a little bit of everything, and best of all, while there are a few sections grouping the books into broad categories, within those sections the books are delightfully integrated. Side by side, you may find great classics, or the latest pulp fiction, gently used and carefully selected.

And all of this just a short walk from the picturesque harbor from which the town gets it name. Had it not been raining quite as hard as it was on the day we visited, I would definitely have meandered down to the waterfront in search of a nice shady place to read.