Updates for Book Trek: I am Princess X


After initially posting Book Trek: I am Princess X, I sent a copy of it to the author, Cherie Priest, in the hope that she might enjoy it. Much to my extreme surprise, she wrote back, and offered some valuable details to help fill in some of the holes in my knowledge. I have updated the original post to include these little gems wherever possible.

However, for those of you who have already read the piece, and don’t want to go hunting for the newly added material, here is a brief list of the changes and additions I made.

  • Libby’s House – The author let me know that she did not have a particular house in mind; just that Libby’s family lived in this neighborhood (near Millionaire’s Row).
  • May’s Apartment Growing up – The author let me know that she was “vaguely thinking of the mid-century yellow building at 14th and Mercer.”
  • May’s Dad’s Apartment – Apparently, the author used to live in the old building on the corner of 14th and Republican, and so set May’s Dad’s apartment around there even though there is no building matching that description.
  • Black Tazza – According to the author, Black Tazza, was loosely based on a real shop called The Aurafice, which like Black Tazza closed down and became the Stumptown Coffee Roasters it is today. In reality, this place is located down on Pine Street, but through the power of creative license moved a few blocks to its fictional location in the book.
  • Volunteer Park – According to the author, there used to be a heron sculpture here whose purpose, she was told, was to scare real herons away from the fish. Why it is no longer there, remains a mystery.
  • Fremont Second Diving Lady Neon Sign – Neither I, nor the author, know if there is currently a second neon sign of a diving lady. If there is, or once was, a second diving lady sign on the bridge please let me know in the comments below.
  • The Starfish – according to the author, while “The Starfish was indeed based on a real building,” our guesses weren’t quite right. The actual building was an artist’s collective down off Alaska Way where a friend of hers worked. With any luck, we will be able to find it on a future trek into Seattle.
  • Libby’s Fire Escape – While she couldn’t be 100% sure from the photo provided if this was in fact THE fire escape mentioned, Ms. Priest said, “the fire escape near Merchants [in the photograph below] is probably right. It was somewhere right around there.”
  • Silverdale – As it turns out, this is not the Silverdale that inspired Princess X’s kingdom. Apparently, as the author let me know, Silverdale is also the name of a small town not far from where she currently lives in Tennessee. That Silverdale is best known for its enormous prison.