The Poulsbo Book Stop

Rummaging about, through a plethora of tomes, in search of hidden treasures, is in my opinion at least one of the best parts of going to a used bookstore. I love the labyrinth like maze of bookshelves that barely contain their contents, the stacks of books that often punctuate the popularity of a certain genre or subject, and perhaps especially so, those stacks behind the counter that are so new they haven’t even been priced or shelved that booksellers always try to discreetly keep out of view. Unfortunately, these venues and adventures also usually come with enough dust to choke a horse, a large number of whatever the last best seller was, and more often than not don’t have anywhere near enough light. That is unless you happen to be at The Poulsbo Book Stop.

The Poulsbo Bookstore

The Poulsbo Book Stop, in Historic Downtown Poulsbo Washington has been offering a different experience since 1983. An experience that offers book hunters all of the magic of hunting for that special gem, without any of the unfortunatelys mentioned above. Focusing on fine, used, and rare books the store manages to stock thousands of used books in a virtually dust free environment, with plenty of light. And the selection is magnificent; especially if you are looking for something specific, unusual, or special.

The Poulsbo Bookstore

Best of all though, is that these fine, rare, and unusual finds are very reasonably priced; you can go home with an arm full of great books without having to sell your car to pay for them.