About BookTrekker

Sometimes in life, we all just need to get away from it all.

For me, this recalibration of spirit has almost always, in one way or another, involved books and stories. Through books, I have traveled to far-off exotic places I may never see in person, explored other planets, experienced history, and have had adventures in fantastic places that do not physically exist beyond the covers of their tomes. However, one cannot simply live between the pages of a book; the world demands to be explored.

Like most bookworms, I find myself drawn to places with large repositories of books. As a result, I spend a great deal of time in bookstores and libraries: buying, admiring, and reading books.

However, what I really enjoy, even more than reading or buying books, is traveling. I especially love to explore places with really great stories, because in my opinion, a good story can make even the most banal of locations fascinating and exciting; it is like a hostess gift to the visitor for coming to call. Whether learning a story because of a visit, or visiting a place because of a story, in the end it is where these travels and stories come together that I found the inspiration for this blog.

So whether you are looking for a suggestion for a great book, something off the beaten path to check out while on holiday, a great place to buy or see books, or just a place to hang out when you need to take a five minute break from life, I hope you enjoy it.

Entries have been published in one of four categories:

  • Author Events – These entries are about performances, signings, presentations, and exhibits given by (or about) a particular author, or cover a visit to places connected to an authors life such as their home, a museum dedicated to their memory, the school they attended as a child, or where they are buried.
  • Book Treks –These entries are about to traveling to the places and spaces mentioned in to a particular book, and will fall into one of two categories: those which I have Physically Trekked (where I will share the experiences of visiting as many of the places from a book as I can visit), and Plans to Trek (where I will provide a list of all of the real locations I am planning/hoping to visit from a particular book as soon as I am able).
  • Armchair Holidays – These entries are simply reviews or recommendations of the various books I have read. These books cover a variety of genres and topics, and are selected purely based on my interest alone. I do not receive any compensation for writing about them.
  • Libraries and Bookstores – These entries are about my experiences, perceptions, and sometimes opinions about the bookstores and libraries I have traveled to (since starting this blog). With any luck you may find your next favorite bookstore or library by reading the articles filed here.