Independent Bookstore Day 2017

Looking forward to participating in Independent Bookstore Day tomorrow, and slowly accepting (as I must every year so far) that this year we will not be making it to all of the local stores participating in one day. But that sad truth is that 19 stores with 23 locations (many of which are nearly two hours driving away from home) is simply too much for this family of 6. Instead, this year we are hoping/planning to make it to 6 stores; 3 tried and true favorites and 3 that we will be exploring for the first time.

So, today I am planning out our routes, shopping for and preparing food for the troops, and trying to figure out just how many more volumes my poor bookcases can take before they do more than just threaten to collapse.

With any luck it might even be dry! In fact, after the wettest October to April period in recorded history here in the Seattle area, even this life long pluviophile is longing for a sunny day or two, but no more than three.

Fingers crossed.

If you are interested in finding lists of and links to participating Independent Bookstores in your area visit the Independent Bookstore Day web site.

Happy book hunting! May your weather be clear, parking be plentiful, and the traffic be bearable.


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