Introductions and Definitions

Sometimes in life we all just need to get away from it all.

For my part, this recalibration of the the spirit has almost always involved a book. Most days this takes the form of learning something new or escaping into a story by reading a book. But one cannot only live between the pages of a book, no matter how much they want to.

Like most bookworms I find myself drawn to places with large repositories of books: Bookstores, Libraries, etc. Somehow just being around large numbers of books is soothing. To be honest I do not rightly know why this is so. Perhaps it is because they so willingly absorb sound. Or perhaps it is because they can be stacked into walls. Or perhaps it is simply because of their limitless nature. Through books you can see the future, experience the past, and sometimes even improve the present.

Recently, I have been experimenting with a new form of experiencing and savoring this love of books. I call it book trekking. This is when one travels to the places and spaces related to a book. This can be in the form of visiting places mentioned in a book, places connected to the author’s life and experiences, or other book/author related events such as signings, readings, etc.

With this site I hope to share my bookish adventures with you. So whether you are looking for a suggestion for a great book, something off the beaten path to check out while on holiday, a great place to buy or see books, or just a place to hang out when you need to take a five minute break from life, I hope you enjoy them.