The Starless Sea, By Erin Morgenstern

Summary When Zachary Ezra Rawlings was young he encountered a door painted on the wall of the alley behind his mother’s store in New Orleans, but didn’t open it. Years later, he finds a book, in the basement of the university’s library, containing that story, his story, in detail, right down to his shoe laces.… Continue reading The Starless Sea, By Erin Morgenstern

The Legend Of Sleep Hollow, By Washington Irving

Original pen and Ink drawing of the Headless Horseman

SummaryThe Legend of Sleepy Hollow, takes place in a quiet little village just north of Tarry Town, New York, called Sleepy Hollow in 1790. A place, that has been long inhabited by Dutch settlers, who reportedly have a reputation for deep roots and unlike their American or even British neighbors do not suffer the same… Continue reading The Legend Of Sleep Hollow, By Washington Irving

The Hawley Book of the Dead, By Chrysler Szarlan

Synopses As a world famous illusionist alongside her husband Jeremy in Las Vegas with three young girls, and the gift of real magic it would seem as if Revelation “Reve” Dyer has a nearly perfect life. However, everything changes on the night she shoots and kills her husband on stage. As a suspect in his… Continue reading The Hawley Book of the Dead, By Chrysler Szarlan

The Silver Witch, by Paula Brackston

The Silver Witch is the story of two women, born centuries apart, and the lake that binds them together. When Tilda, and her husband (Mat) bought the idyllic little cottage, their plan was to begin their lives together, making pottery and drawing inspiration from the rugged beauty of the Welsh countryside. However, when Mat dies… Continue reading The Silver Witch, by Paula Brackston

Beauty: A Retelling of the Story of Beauty and the Beast, By Robin McKinley

Just as in the classic version of Beauty in the Beast, this story is about a young woman who is imprisoned by a beast in an enchanted castle in her father’s stead. However, unlike every other version of this story I have read, in this story Beauty is not beautiful. Instead, she is a tall… Continue reading Beauty: A Retelling of the Story of Beauty and the Beast, By Robin McKinley