The Portable Dorothy Parker

I have wanted to meet Mrs. Parker since the very first time I was introduced to her work. A friend of mine was reading the Portable Dorothy Parker for a book club and said she thought I might enjoy it. As evidence she had me read Resumé. Resumé Razors pain you; Rivers are damp; Acids… Continue reading The Portable Dorothy Parker


Adams Avenue Book Store

“Nobody walks in L.A.” Missing Persons informed us in their 1982 hit song Walking in L.A. but, as I recently discovered they still do – in San Diego. While like L.A. there are sprawling freeways, sometimes with more lanes than an octopus has legs, often times the individual neighborhoods these freeways connect are still small,… Continue reading Adams Avenue Book Store

A Trek to the Suzzallo Library

Given that in my life, thus far, I have spent most of my free time that wasn’t spent scribbling in a notebook, either peering off over the horizon wondering about what things were like in far off distant places or with my nose deeply buried in a book trying hard to immerse myself in the… Continue reading A Trek to the Suzzallo Library