The Starless Sea, By Erin Morgenstern

Summary When Zachary Ezra Rawlings was young he encountered a door painted on the wall of the alley behind his mother’s store in New Orleans, but didn’t open it. Years later, he finds a book, in the basement of the university’s library, containing that story, his story, in detail, right down to his shoe laces.… Continue reading The Starless Sea, By Erin Morgenstern

The Legend Of Sleep Hollow, By Washington Irving

Original pen and Ink drawing of the Headless Horseman

SummaryThe Legend of Sleepy Hollow, takes place in a quiet little village just north of Tarry Town, New York, called Sleepy Hollow in 1790. A place, that has been long inhabited by Dutch settlers, who reportedly have a reputation for deep roots and unlike their American or even British neighbors do not suffer the same… Continue reading The Legend Of Sleep Hollow, By Washington Irving

The Metropolitans, by Carol Goodman

The Metropolitans, by Carol Goodman has all of the classic elements of a great children’s book: a quest, danger, friendship, and magic. Like all truly great stories, what makes this story special is the fact that within the fantasy and the fiction the characters take on some of life’s most veritable, and universally painful struggles: loss, alienation, fear, and shame. However, Goodman takes this one step further by weaving in just enough factual elements and places to make the story seem not only believable, but real as well.

The Magicians, By Lev Grossman

If you were the kind of kid that spent your childhood opening every wardrobe you came across hoping to find the entrance to Narnia, or perhaps sat waiting for an owl to arrive on your 11th birthday with your acceptance letter to Hogwarts, then The Magicians by Lev Grossman might be for you.