Book Trek: I am Princess X

This Trek was a birthday present for my 12-year-old daughter. I am Princess X, by Cherie Priest, is one of her favorite books. One she loved so much, that she begged me relentlessly for weeks to read it. When at last I finally agreed to read the book, my only regret was not doing so… Continue reading Book Trek: I am Princess X


Independent Bookstore Day 2016

In a place like Seattle, where one is literally spoiled for choice when it comes to independent bookstores, participating in Independent Bookstore Day 2016 is a bit like a cross between a road trip and a scavenger hunt. In fact, this year 17 stores, in 21 different locations, participated. However, given that we were going… Continue reading Independent Bookstore Day 2016

Seattle Mystery Bookshop

From Fantagraphics, for our second Independent Bookstore Day 2016 stop, we headed downtown from ┬áto one of our favorite spots, Seattle Mystery Bookshop, specializing (obviously) in mystery books. This bookshop is the whole package. Nestled into a fantastic underground location, that is simultaneously secluded and yet still has enough windows to let in natural light,… Continue reading Seattle Mystery Bookshop